Dr. Ragan A. Lybbert

Dr. Ragan A. Lybbert

  • Position: Therapist (CMHC), PhD
  • Experience: 7 Years
  • Location: 1 E Center St, Suite 300, Provo
  • Email: ragan@gumtreetherapy.com
  • Phone: 801-332-9660

Personal Experience & Biography

Dr. Ragan A. Lybbert has been practicing therapy since 2016, beginning in Hawaii, then continuing in Utah where he moved to pursue his Ph.D. in marriage and family therapy. Ragan is deeply passionate about taking couples who are struggling, feel distant, alienated, or disconnected, who are struggling with communication, feel alone, or hurt and helping them heal, strengthen their relationship, draw close to one another, and help each partner feel safe, secure, and connected.

Ragan also loves working with clients who have a number of mental health concerns. Using a wholistic approach, Ragan works with clients to identify mental health interventions, maladaptive beliefs and behaviors, as well as client’s strengths to then get clients on a path where they can feel happy, healthy, and good about who they are and help them strive to become who they want to become.

Ragan has training in a number of therapeutic disciplines, including Emotion Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), Mindfulness, Crisis Response Planning (Suicidality), Cognitive based therapies, strength based therapies, and trauma focused theories (primarily EMDR). 

My Therapy

My main foci are working with couples to improve their relationships, and working with individuals experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, grief, loss, who feel lost, struggle with perfectionism, who need help exploring difficult decisions, or who have unresolved trauma. I also really enjoy working with clients who simply want to improve, want help identifying their goals and who want support in accomplishing those goals.

Specialized Work