Autism Services

Autism Services

Takiwātanga is the Maori word for autism: it translates as “in my own time and space”

Autism is not a disease to be treated; it is a recognition that some people relate with the world in vastly different ways than others because of the way their brain uniquely works.

At Gumtree Therapy, we work with people who have been diagnosed or suspect a possible diagnosis of autism to better understand how their brain works, and then make adaptions that reduce distress and build on their personal strengths.

Living as a neurodivergent person in a neurotypical world may have also caused a lot of confusion and pain over time. Therapy can help make sense of this past confusion and overcome reinforced self-criticism and hopelessness.

Sam Ryland, a clinically-diagnosed autistic person, is the primary provider of autism therapy services at Gumtree Therapy.

Potential Benefits of Services for Autism